General Conditions

  1. The conclusion of an agreement with bv Crazhibou legally implies acceptance of the sales conditions. Actual deviations alleged by Crazhibou, even repeatedly, do not entitle the buyer to rely on them and will in no way be able to invoke them as an acquired right.
  2. The offers (quotations) are made without commitment. The orders recorded by a representative of the BV Crazhibou become binding on the BV Crazhibou only after our confirmation. Our offers are valid for acceptance within a maximum of one month.
  3. Our prices are payable at our office in Halle - Belgium. Prices are not binding and can be changed at any time due to manufacturer's price changes, customs duties changes, exchange rates, transportation costs or any other cause that may affect the cost of the goods. In case of a price increase of more than 10% on an existing order, the customer can cancel the goods still to be delivered, without having to pay the compensation mentioned in point 10.
  4. The shipping costs are always charged to the customer.
  5. Delays in deliveries will never give rise to compensation or cancellation of the agreement.
  6. Crazhibou bv reserves the right to suspend delivery at any time without having to justify this decision and without compensation. In the event of non-payment of a partial delivery, the Crazhibou BV may decide not to deliver the other appliances.
  7. Deliveries in Belgium are free from € 200. Deliveries outside Belgium are from Halle. The goods are transported at the risk of the recipient, who must recover from the third person (the carrier) in the event of damage or loss. In the case of express shipments, the associated costs are at all times borne by the customer.
  8. Delivery is considered completed and approved after the goods have left our warehouse. Under penalty of forfeiture of rights, any complaint or protest must be made by registered letter within 8 days of receipt of the goods. If no complaint was received within this period of 8 days, the consequence is that the buyer accepts the delivered goods in full and in full. The partial utilization of the delivered goods also results in acceptance of the whole; possible defects in part of the delivered goods do not give the buyer the right to reject the entire delivery. Return of goods is only accepted after investigation and approval of the complaints. The use - also in case of demonstration, loan, or resale of our goods - is in no way the responsibility of the BV Crazhibou. The BV Crazhibou can in no way be held liable for damage, of whatever nature, resulting from the use of the delivered goods. The customer expressly accepts this clause by receiving and / or taking into use the goods delivered by bv Crazhibou.
  9. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise in the contract, our invoices are payable immediately and without discount. In the event of default on payment, an interest of 12% is charged on an annual basis after the due date on the amount due by operation of law and without notice of default. In addition, if one is legally unjustified in default on payment, the debt will be increased by 12% of the invoice with a minimum of € 50, plus legal costs. In the event of non-payment on the due date of one invoice, the allowed period will lapse for all invoices for which payment has not been made before the due date. All these invoices will be immediately collectable. All delivered goods remain the property of bv Crazhibou until the invoice related to it has been paid in full. If the buyer fails to perform his obligations, the sale can be dissolved by operation of law and without notice of default, without prejudice to the rights of bv Crazhibou to all damages and interest. The expression of will on behalf of the Crazhibou BV by registered letter will suffice for this.
  10. In case of cancellation of an order, the customer owes a compensation of 30% of the sales price plus any additional costs.
  11. The Crazhibou bv guarantees the devices supplied by it for 2 years against all manufacturing defects. This guarantee includes free replacement of defective parts and working hours. This warranty cannot be combined with any more extensive warranties granted by the manufacturer. However, this guarantee lapses if the buyer has not complied with his obligations, as well as if the delivered devices have been worked on by unauthorized persons. If a defect is covered by the warranty conditions of the manufacturer, the BV Crazhibou will do everything possible to have the delivered device repaired by the manufacturer. Consumables are not covered by this warranty. When IT is delivered, the original supplier of the Crazhibou BV fully guarantees the guarantee. Relocation is not covered by this guarantee. Deviations from this clause are only valid if expressly stated on the original invoice.
  12. In the event of a dispute, only the district of Brussels has jurisdiction, just like the justice of the peace of Halle.
  13. For agreements entered into with legal persons, the directors / managers of the company are also legally bound for the proper and correct performance of all obligations arising from the commitments entered into; they are held as joint and indivisible co-debtors.
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